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What is Interx?

InterX is a natural way to treat pain using technology.

It can be used to help with back ache, migraines, sports injuries, muscle sprains, plantar fasciitis - any symptom of pain can be treated with fast results. Living with pain can be frustrating and exhausting, impacting on our daily lives or preventing us from living the life we want. 


InterX is a safe and effective pain relief treatment for adults and children. Treatment is precise, tailored and optimised. The InterX device is placed on the skin and uses electrical pulses at specific frequencies to ‘read’ the body. It is a gentle technique that requires no joint manipulation.


We can help with any pain or injury, for example:

Sports injuries (whether fresh or long-term) - sprained ankle, plantar fasciitis, rotator cuff injury, shoulder impingement, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, piriformis syndrome, muscular and ligament strains, patellar-femur syndrome, brachial plexitis, Shlatter’s, Ileo-tibial band overuse syndrome, Achilles tendon injuries, shin splits (MTSS)

Workplace related injuries such as neck and lower back pain, disc problems, frozen shoulder, sciatica, repetitive strain injuries

Post surgery recovery - such as hip, knee or shoulder replacements

Day to day pain such as headaches, migraines, Irritable Bowel syndrome (IBS), period pains, trigeminal neuralgia, fibromyalgia, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), arthritis of the joints, osteoarthritis

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What can I expect?

The InterX machine is applied to the skin, typically at the site of pain/inflammation. It is also often applied along the spinal column to stimulate the nerves. The sensation is a comfortable tingle, a bit like gentle 'pins and needles'.

The technology is based on ancient ‘Tibetan tapping’, but instead of tapping with fingers, the InterX uses electrical pulses. It has feedback that helps interactively adjust the pulse characteristics. This allows the body to focus on the cause of pain/ injury and jump starts the healing process - leading to a faster recovery.

Typically pain lessens immediately after the treatment, although there may be some residual pain.  The full effect from treatment is typically expected to be felt the next day.

A treatment session typically lasts between 20 to 30 minutes, but even 10 minutes could be sufficient to provide pain relief in the case of acute trauma. The course of treatment varies from one session up to six. Often as a result of the stimulation reaching the central nervous system you may feel sleepy afterward, so its recommended you go home after treatment for a rest. This allows the body to recover as it promotes the healing process.

After treatment the pain localises in the area where the InterX should be applied next. This area can ache at night, which is a common and good reaction. This must be reported to the therapist ahead of your next treatment to help tailor your session.

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