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What do clients say about their treatments?

Sandra C 

Susie first treated me a while ago to manage chronic arthritic pain in my shoulders whilst waiting for shoulder replacement surgery. And I was so impressed with the outcome I purchased one for my own use at home. However after my first operation Christmas Eve 2019 on my right shoulder, and to help with pain and muscle movement, I booked more sessions with Susie which alleviated the need to take any painkillers whatsoever. I’d had a reverse shoulder replacement as my rotator cuff muscles were in a poor condition, and was told by the hospital that movement would be very limited. But after professional treatments with Susie, together with exercises and using my own InterX, I had more movement than I’d ever dreamed of which impressed even the surgeon!

On October 10th 2020 just five weeks ago I had my left shoulder joint reverse replacement, and again used my InterX, but with the need for more professional treatment I booked Susie who this time used not only InterX but FlexBEAM too. Wonderful, wonderful results!! Here I am after only 5 weeks since my op and I can lift my arm to more than 90degrees!! I’ve hired the FlexBEAM from Susie for five days to further assist with my recovery. Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful treatment and NO painkillers of any description needed. Highly recommended.

Gemma C

Saw Susie today after I woke up with excruciating back and neck pain. My neck felt like it was encased in concrete. After one session, I left with full mobility in my neck again and hardly any pain. Looking forward to my next session later this week so I can feel as good as new for the weekend. Thank you Susie, excellent results.

Ben - Local Firefighter

Renate - Cleaner

Vicky M 

I have been suffering with a very painful neck for about 13 years, it affects my hand and shoulder and makes it go numb. I went to see Susie and had an initial 11 sessions the results were fantastic. I had no pain and could get on with my job and life. I recently revisited to have a top up treatment and already can feel a huge difference. I highly recommend Susie and her InterX.

Anna N

I first went to Susie for treatment on a radial nerve entrapment in my arm, which was causing me so much pain and preventing me from working.  I had already seen doctors and the physio team at the hospital but nothing had helped, so  sought an alternative treatment.  I had 4 treatments, which completely fixed the issue.  I found the process fascinating as Susie treated opposite parts of my body to fix the issue.  So as well as treating the painful elbow, my opposite knee was also treated at the same time. From the first treatment I saw a marked improvement. Since completing the course I have never had the problem return. 

I have since returned for treatments on a knee injury as well as my lower back pain.  I now return for top up treatments for my back as and when needed. I would highly recommend Interx as an alternative to mainstream medical treatments if you are seeking a natural medication free way of treating your injuries and pain. 

Brian K

I have just had a course of treatments by Susie for pains in my shoulders and neck. I could not sleep through the night as the pain was so bad. Not only did I have pain but my shoulders were not level and my back was causing me some pain. Following a couple of treatments the pain was much less. My shoulders are now level the pain has completely gone from my back. Susie has done a fantastic job in alleviating the pain and I am sleeping perfectly well now. I cannot recommend the treatment enough.

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